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"Smile for the camera sweetheart, I really want to immortalize this moment."

but just remember the first step in forgetting is destroying all the evidence

8 February
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got bitten fingernails and a head full of the past
and everybody's gone at last
a sweet sweet smile that's fading fast
'cause everybody's gone at last
and you don't get upset about it;
no not anymore
there's nothing wrong
that wasn't wrong before
had a second alone with a chance let pass
and everybody's gone at last
well I hope you're not waiting;
waiting around for me
because I'm not going anywhere
got a broken heart and your name on my cast
and everybody's gone at last
everybody's gone at last
;elliott smith;
no name no. five

Daniel Joseph Adams
6-3-86 U 8-2-05
always in my © and thoughts
I love and miss you so much
not a day goes by that I don't think about you
I'll never forget what you did for me sweetie!

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